"Kelly is a very professional and knowledgeable message therapist. She is so in tune with the skin tissue to muscle relationship that she can pin point the problem areas to relieve her patient's problem. When I came into see her I had, had knee problems due to the plates in my knees separating for months. I had gone to the Chiropractor who had told me why my knees where bothering me and did a good adjustment. I even bought new shoes that helped but I still had problems. I also had neck to mid-back problems, and elbow problems due to lifting a heavy mirror by myself. After the chiropractor the soreness went away but the stiffness was silently there. 

Kelly was able to pinpoint all the areas where I was unbalanced from my head to my toes. Literally. Her massage methods relieved the tension that my body was holding on to from past events. I was very satisfied with Kelly's work. She even customized the atmosphere just for me with wonderful music. It was a very relaxing experience."

~Jennifer Hunt

"I have had many different styles of massage from Rolfing to non-contact energy massage. However, nothing has helped me as much or for as long a span as Kelly Snyder’s technique. Kelly communicates. She doesn’t bully the body, but rather gently coaxes its cooperation by listening and responding to its needs. It’s amazing what she picks up on! She really understands what is going on in my body and respects what it tells her, like “don’t touch me here right now.” The experience is truly unique. In addition to lasting relief, I’ve learned about the mechanics of my leg spams and have a better understanding about the nerve damage in my calves and feet. I truly feel like I’m walking on air after a session!"

 ~ Mary-Jo Dukas major back surgery in 2008 and a restless leg sufferer

"I had been having very painful arthritis in my hands. The pain was so severe that I hesitated to drive because of the pain steering the car. I was amazed to feel the pain lifting as Kelly gently massaged my arms, finishing with a hand and finger massage. That night I was pain free and I slept through the night without the usual numbness."

 ~ Margaret Mary Foxx

"Immediate and long term relief and healing of chronic pain. Overall sense of well being too! Looking forward to more sessions with you! Many, many, thanks!"

 ~ Allison Hayes

"Kelly Snyder is the most effective massage therapist I have ever seen. She is able to quickly diagnose trouble areas and knows precisely the cause and the corrective measures needed. While it took several sessions with Kelly for me to feel pain free, I felt dramatic improvement after my very first session. In my sessions with Kelly her expertise and her intuition have restored me to health. I cannot thank her enough."

 ~ Ty Seddon 

"I really appreciate the comprehensive style you offer at Equine FreedomSolutions.  With the help of your thorough sessions and support, I have been able to find healing and recovery from physical discomfort and pain. Over the past 8 years, and through bearing four children, your body work treatments have been invaluable, lasting and effective. I would recommend your services to people and animals of all ages. Thank you for your hard work, your expertise and care."

 ~ Rosaura Cluxton

"I have been the recipient of Kelly Snyder's services for the last few months and am completely satisfied with the results. I have had chronic pain in my lower back and hips for years which led to major decreases in my flexibility and range of motion. I had sought out massage and chiropractic in the past, but the results were mixed and felt like things were getting worse. Kelly has changed all that and I have had significant increases in flexibility, range of motion, and pain relief. I believe I am on the right track with Kelly and would highly recommend her to anyone."

~ Burt Hodgdon, general contractor