Structural integration is a comprehensive, holistic form of body work therapy that works to slowly 'melt' restrictions in the soft connective tissue called 'fascia'.

An equine structural integration series consists of five sessions, each lasting around 90 minutes.  Session one is about gaining the horse's trust and identifying connective tissue holding patterns. Sessions two through five work on releasing those patterns and reinforcing changes made in previous sessions. 

Some benefits of structural integration:

  • Helps overcome physical manifestations of emotional trauma 
  • Allows for more efficient use of the body, conserving energy
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves symmetry and balance
  • Connects the horse's front and back
  • Allows horse greater freedom of movement
  • helps eliminate behavioral issues caused by pain
  • Increases the horse's ability to pick up requested canter leads and improves canter departures
  • Allows horse to be able to flex at poll and accept contact easier
  • Lateral work becomes easier​
  • Provides Relaxation

Sessions are $100. Evaluations are $35. A series of five sessions paid in advance is $465. 

*Due to the rising cost of fuel, a travel fee of $.15 per mile will be charged for appointments exceeding 40 miles outside the Candler, NC area. *This fee is only applied though to the miles that have exceeded the 40 mile range. *

***Structural integration is not a substitute for veterinary care! Please call your veterinary if you feel your horse is ill or injured!***