​Advanced Equine Massage And Body Work in Asheville and Surrounding Areas.

Providing pain relief, increased mobility, balance, strength, and overall health by releasing restricted connective tissue and associated holding patterns.

Massage and Body Work for You and Your Horse​

Kelly Snyder  is a certified advanced Equine Structural Integrator, and licensed massage and bodywork therapist (LMBT) serving  Asheville and surrounding areas. ​ Besides working on horses at various farms in and around Asheville, Kelly is also a practitioner at Ebb & Flow Massage Therapy Centerwhere she treats people suffering from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. 

Before getting involved in the massage and bodywork field, Kelly spent over two years as assistant riding instructor, trainer, and barn manager under licensed trainer, Catherine Hunter, author of Sacred Connections Horsemanship. The knowledge and skills gained through that intensive training, combined with her knowledge of equine and rider biomechanics, gives her a deeper insight into identifying when rider position or certain training practices may be the cause of musculoskeletal imbalances. While treating a horse with musculoskeletal issues, this insight enables her to work in partnership with the rider and trainer to develop sound riding and training practices that support the massage and body work the horse is receiving. Kelly can also recommend exercises and stretches that aid all the other work being done to help the horse experience optimum, pain-free movement.

Kelly is a firm believer in team work and loves working alongside veterinarians, farriers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other equine professionals. She believes combining knowledge and talents is the best way to ensure that horses have the best chance of leading long, sound, healthy lives. She is a graduate of the Equine Natural Movement School where she studied Equine Structural Integration, and is also a graduate of Western North Carolina School of Massage where she studied Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish, and Prenatal Massage.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a comprehensive, holistic form of body work therapy that works to slowly 'melt' restrictions in the soft connective tissue called 'fascia'.

An Equine Structural Integration Series consists of five sessions, each lasting around 90 minutes.  Session one is about gaining the horse's trust and identifying connective tissue holding patterns. Sessions two through five work on releasing those patterns and reinforcing changes made in previous sessions. 

Benefits of Structural Integration:

  • Helps overcome physical manifestations of emotional trauma 
  • Allows for more efficient use of the body, conserving energy
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves symmetry and balance
  • Connects the horse's front and back
  • Allows horse greater freedom of movement
  • helps eliminate behavioral issues caused by pain
  • Increases the horse's ability to pick up requested canter leads and improves canter departures
  • Allows horse to be able to flex at poll and accept contact easier
  • Lateral work becomes easier​
  • Provides Relaxation

Sessions are $100. Evaluations are $35. A series of five sessions paid in advance is $465. 

*Due to the rising cost of fuel, a travel fee of $.15 per mile will be charged for appointments exceeding 40 miles outside the Candler, NC area. *This fee is only applied though to the miles that have exceeded the 40 mile range. *

***Structural integration is not a substitute for veterinary care! Please call your veterinary if you feel your horse is ill or injured!***

Looking to host an educational weekend at your farm or need an interesting subject for your next horse club meeting? Equine Freedom Solutions has you covered!

Learn about fascinating topics like:

  • Benefits of Structural Integration Bodywork
  • Evaluating equine posture
  • Evaluating equine movement
  • Primitive movement
  • Equine fascial meridians
  • Equine proprioception
  • How to communicate with horses
  • Basic energy work
  • And much more!

 Clinics can be 1 or 2 days and are typically unmounted

 Mounted clinics are available through and in association with Sacred Connections Horsemanship

Contact For scheduling and prices


Kelly performed structural integration for my 15 year old dressage horse, Felix. She was extremely professional and easy to work with. She always came on time and was respectful of our barn protocols as well as our horses. Felix seemed to enjoy his sessions. The biggest difference I've noticed in him is that he works more through his back. Before the SI sessions, it would take almost an hour of work before Felix would start swinging at the walk, but now he starts off swinging from the start. I've also noticed that he takes a much bigger step behind at the canter and that his half pass left covers more ground, both at the trot and canter. I can highly recommend Kelly's structural integration skills. - Helen Sandven, Tantalus Farms

"Kelly worked with my forever horse, Sonny. He is a 25 year old quarter horse gelding who I have had for 5 years. He came to me with a traumatic background from the eventing circuit. Some people would have categorized him as being dull. My initial request was for Kelly to work on Sonny's sway back. Along the way, she discovered many other issues where his body was not in balance. As she did her process, you could see Sonny relaxing and letting go. 

When I took Sonny to my trainer after the second session, she was amazed at the change in him. I had really had to struggle to keep him in the jogging/sitting trot, but now he was prancing around like the king of the world! It was such a relief to me for him to be enjoying our ride together and me not having to work so hard to keep him going. As the sessions progressed he relaxed more and more and you could see that he really looked forward to our rides. He was interacting much more with my other horses and was much more interested in his environment. Kelly also helped him release a lot of sinus/allergy issues which I'm sure were making him feel 'dull'. I plan to have her back for my other horses and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in them too!

I highly recommend Kelly for her expertise in equine structural integration, her kind and loving manner, and her intuitive energy healing capabilities." - Laura Nelson, Equine Facilitated Learning Coach

"Cat is definitely much more even feeling and softer backed, and it feels like she is more flexible." - Alejandra Brown, owner/trainer at Jumpers

"I've ridden a couple of times, since I last spoke to you, and Charlie seems a  bit more fluid. He is also more willing to do some of the lateral movements." - Amy Gaddis

"When finished with her "spa day", SweetPea trotted into her pasture and bucked! She felt like a new girl! Many thanks, Kelly!" - STAR Rescue Ranch, Waynesville

"Kelly Snyder has a passion for horses that is evident when you watch her work. The way she connects with the horses is beautiful. Her work is steady, deliberate, effective and informed by an innate, intuitive sensitivity. I highly recommend her." - Joseph Freeman, founder Equine Natural Movement School 

"Kelly treated my horse with great kindness, patience and fairness. My horse clearly felt safe and at ease with Kelly, who was attune to Lily's needs and allowed her to move and participate in the process, which in turn further built trust between the two of them. Where she was spending a good deal of time apart, Lily is now more sociable with humans and especially  with other members of her herd. She is moving much more fluidly in general, and with greater ease and calmness under saddle, both physically and mentally. Her overall conformation actually appears much improved, and the obvious physical manifestations of being ridden incorrectly in the past are greatly diminished. I am very appreciative of Kelly's intuitive approach, which is a lovely blend of obvious horse sense, respect for both the sensitivity and power of these amazing animals, and her skill and knowledge in implementing structural integration methodology." - Rebecca Crawley

"Obe has become more elastic longitudinally through her spine -  I can feel this in the transition between collected work and extended work. I can also see this in her tail carriage - up and away from her body rather than clamped. Obe has more freedom through her ribcage and shoulders. I can feel this best in her improved lateral work - shoulder-in, travers, renders, and half-pass are all more fluid and willing. I will definitely have Kelly back periodically to work on my mare." - Jennifer Hfippensteel

"You could tell Kelly really loved and cared for the horses, without a doubt - even in the first session when Timber was moving around, she showed extreme patience and kindness and was soothing to Timber. She always made sure to tell me when something was tighter than before, or if a leg was puffier, or even if an area was better than the previous session. I was amazed at the changes my horse displayed physically and mentally during his sessions! Physically just to look at him from the first session to the last was a drastic change - he used to look very drawn and tight and dry in his muscles. He came out every week looking more filled out, bigger, and softer all over. Under saddle I could tell a huge difference after the first session. Timber was more free through his shoulders and more willing to push evenly from behind. As the sessions progresses I could feel his body working more as a unit and in turn he became more willing and happier in his work. Canter transitions had been tough for us and they got easier and easier. I feel this was a wonderful experience for both Timber and me!" - Michelle Mallonee

"Kelly was one of the most dedicated and talented students that I have ever worked with. She always came very prepared for every class and lab. She always had thoughtful questions. Her committed diligence in expanding her skill set was very impressive, and she built this on a foundation of natural talent. Kelly has such a proficiency with her structural integration skills, that she is one of my favored practitioners to receive my own work from. Her touch is well developed, both in her assessment of tissue and structure, and in her application of structural integration technique. Kelly's expertise with equine structural integration probably surpasses my own due to her strong equestrian background." - Jack Boyd, Asheville Structural Integration 

"Since working with Kelly, I have noticed a difference in my co-therapist, Jenny. Most obvious is the overall improvement in conformation; a healthier topline, correcting the imbalance in her shoulders and chest muscles, releasing stiffness and inflexibility in her hindquarters, to name a few. Under saddle, these changes have profoundly impacted our riding. Jenny is more engaging than ever before and more accepting of the saddle. She has increased her range of motion and ease of movement in both flexion and counter-flexion. Collection and being on the bit come much easier and she is able to sustain it throughout the ride. Engaging her hindquarters is significantly easier for her now, with changes in her stride, attitude and performance. Kelly also provided me with ideas as to exercises to maintain the changes caused through her work, and to continue building on them. I have also noticed that with a reduction in pain and stiffness, Jenny's attitude towards work has significantly improved. 
Aside form the obvious results, the process through which Kelly works is gentle, compassionate and effective. I would trust Kelly with any of my horses, and I highly recommend her to all horse owners, both professional and recreational." - Rebecca Stares, Spirited Connections Equine Facilitated Counseling

"Immediate relief to damaged muscles, freedom of gait - especially in hind legs = happy horse!" Looking forward to more sessions with you! Many, many, thanks!" - Allison Hayes